Mobile solutions
for the retail industry.  

Digitization in the retail sector

Are you a retailer looking for ways to optimize your business?

We specialize in helping companies in the technical wholesale, fresh produce trade and tool trade make the lives of their target groups easier.

Designed specifically for plumbers, cooks, and other skilled trades, our apps offer numerous benefits: they simplify processes, save time, and work wherever your customers are. In this way, you as a retailer will achieve a high level of user acceptance.

For you as a wholesaler, the bottom line is: more digitization, less effort, better results and proximity to your customers!

Our solutions

The innovative solution for the fresh produce trade.

With ieffects.fresh®, we offer you an app solution specially tailored to the fresh produce trade that allows you to digitize orders quickly and easily.

This way you always have an overview of your orders and can serve your customers even faster and more effectively.

The smart solution for wholesale around the building.® is the smart solution for technical wholesale in the areas of sanitary, building automation and energy future. Thanks to our app solution, you can align your business with the future and make an important contribution to energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings.

The app also makes your day-to-day work easier by automatically transferring the order entry to your ERP system.

Personal advice

You want to digitize your trading company further?

In a personal conversation, we would be happy to show you how our app solutions can improve and optimize your business. We respond to your individual needs and together we find the right solution for you and your company.

Simply fill out the consultation form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to getting to know you!