Your customers
buy mobile.

Connected with the restaurateurs.

As a fresh produce distributor, you face challenges every day. You need to keep your products fresh, satisfy customers and always stay competitive.

Thinking about how to digitize your business to simplify and optimize your work processes?

The initial situation

The problems of everyday life.

We understand that the transition to digital is a challenge for many fresh produce retailers. Maybe you have trouble taking orders and have to enter orders manually, which can be time-consuming and error-prone.

Maybe you’re having trouble reaching customers online or marketing your products. Or maybe you just don’t have enough time to take care of all these aspects of your business while maintaining day-to-day operations.

The target state

Your orders will be digital in the future.

We believe fresh produce retailers are the future, and we want to help you make the transition to digital. ieffects.fresh® is your solution to better reach your customers, increase your efficiency, and prepare your business for the future.

Our experience shows that after implementation, over 80% of your orders run digitally into your ERP. We are 100% convinced of this.

The way to the goal

Our plan works and is popular with restaurateurs.

ieffects.fresh® is the e-commerce app that helps fresh produce retailers sell their products easily and efficiently digitally. With ieffects.fresh®, you can receive orders digitally and no longer have to enter them manually. This saves you time and minimizes errors, while giving you more time to spend with your customers.

In addition, you can now promote your products online and reach your customers in an innovative way.

Are you ready for the next step?

The next step in the digital transformation of your business starts here. Book a free consultation now and let us show you how our e-commerce app can help you simplify and streamline your business operations.

Become part of the digital revolution for fresh produce retailers and take your business into the future.

Urs Marti

Co-Founder & CEO ieffects ag

«With a strong developer team in Zurich, we build the perfect app for your clients.

Let’s talk about it and share the thoughts.»

Intuitive in operation.

During the development of ieffects.fresh® we put a lot of emphasis on an intuitive user experience and a coherent design. Working closely with our design partner Milk Interactive AG, we visually evolve the app for you and continuously optimize the experience to meet the changing needs of our customers, the industry and technology.

Easy to integrate.

ieffects.fresh is ready to connect to your existing PIM, ERP and webshop. 

Calculable costs

Get off to a good start and grow.

We are constantly developing ieffects.fresh® further. In other words, we listen to our customers’ wishes and incorporate the synergy into the product. The solution always runs, on any device, be it an Android or iOS. You don’t have to worry about anything.

We keep the start-up costs as low as possible so that medium-sized and smaller companies can also introduce the solution and get off to a flying start.

And finally ...

We were at the Alpenrose restaurant in Zurich and shot an enjoyable video about the benefits of ieffects.fresh®. The broccoli was served directly from the chef de cuisine.

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ieffects.fresh® takes your business further, and your customers buy mobile. This benefits both sides - the greengrocer and the cook.

The implementation

You want to learn more?

If you’re a fresh produce distributor and want to find out if you can usefully apply this path to yourself, sign up for a consultation here. We will find out if this solution will bring you further. 

And if not, at least you have an idea of what’s possible with an app solution. The only important thing is that you start acting now. 

What is the best solution for you, you can find out here.

About us as an app manufactory.

ieffects bietet seit über 10 Jahren integrierte mobile Dienstleistungen aus einer Hand – innovativ, zuverlässig und kooperativ. We implement and operate your IT processes in the form of mobile applications so that you can concentrate on your core competencies. You can rely on the know-how and competence of 20 employees.