Presentation of the new TradeApp.

Präsentation der nexmart TradeApp

In close cooperation between the trade association Swissavant, nexMart Schweiz AG and the specialized software house ieffects ag from Switzerland, the three partners have developed an industry-specific TradeApp for the Swiss specialized trade, for suppliers as well as for producers, which will be used in the B2B area in a first phase.

With the official launch of the industry-specific TradeApp, a freely accessible, device-independent IT industry infrastructure of the most modern kind is created for all market players, opening up completely new digital business perspectives for all suppliers and traders!

This modern TradeApp will be officially presented to the industry on Monday, May 30, 2022, as part of the replacement of the mobile MDE devices currently in use, and will then herald a new digital industry era for all suppliers and retailers.

The functional attractiveness of this TradeApp is given with the high usability and the technical attractiveness with the ultra-fast processing of the (order) processes. The attractiveness on the dealer side is undoubtedly described by a high number of participating suppliers and, conversely, the attractiveness on the supplier side is given by a high number of participating specialist dealers.

Presentation of the new TradeApp

The ultra-modern and freely accessible TradeApp will be officially unveiled to retailers, suppliers and manufacturers on Monday, May 30, 2022.

Join us for the presentation of this unique industry first and benefit from new digital business perspectives with an extra boost in sales.

More info and registration on nexmart.


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