Electrician Tilo Müller shares what he appreciates about the ieffects ordering app.

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The world of craftsmanship is undergoing a digital transformation, and Tilo Müller, an experienced electrician from Zurich, is at the forefront of this change. In a new image video by ieffects, he talks about the advantages of digital material ordering via app – a progress that outshines the traditional ordering system.

At the center of attention for craftsmen

ieffects demonstrates with its app solutions for iOS and Android how well the company understands the needs of craftsmen on the construction site. The applications from ieffects are characterized by their user-friendliness and efficiency and are very popular among craftsmen for their ease of use and time-saving benefits.

Flexibility due to ieffects.build®

With ieffects.build®, the company offers a mature product that can be flexibly adapted to the needs of different traders and industries. This solution integrates seamlessly into existing processes and offers an optimized, customized experience.

Custom solutions for the wholesale trade

ieffects stands out for its innovative strength. Specifically for the technical wholesale trade, the company develops app solutions that meet individual needs and constantly explore new paths in mobile technology. In close collaboration with its clients, ieffects develops innovative concepts that fundamentally improve the daily work of craftsmen.

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ieffects Trailer with Tilo Müller.

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Electricians primarily place orders on mobile devices.


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