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Gunti App delivers fresh food to the commercial kitchen

The menu for next week is set. Now all that’s left is to get the ingredients. Gunti takes care of that, immediately – at any place and at any time. Gunti is the first app of Gunterswiler AG, a food wholesaler from Frauenfeld with 18 employees and a modern fleet of ten vehicles. At the beginning of 2018, the third generation of the family business, Köbi and Susi Gunterswiler, decided to bring their range of products directly into the working areas of customers, i.e. large kitchens in restaurants, canteens, hospitals, homes and schools.

“Chefs are getting younger and younger, so we wanted to stay on the ball,” say the general managers, explaining their investment in the future to secure their competitive position. Gunti offers the entire extensive range of products, from fresh fruit and vegetables to dairy products and convenience foods, at a glance and also draws attention to special offers. Personalized shopping lists and access to previous orders shorten the ordering process. Another special feature of the app: Gunti also works in a hermetically sealed cold room, because it can be used offline.

With the eCommerce App from ieffects, the Gunterswiler offer is always at hand

Entering new territory with an eCommerce app – Köbi and Susi Gunterswiler are proud of this decision today. Their courage paid off, and especially because they thought everything through: First, they chose ieffects ag from Zurich, an experienced eCommerce app developer who knew how to master all the challenges, such as the connection to the ERP software. When the app was ready, they were very intentional about its launch. It was clear to them that many customers needed to be taken by the hand. So they hired a sales representative who used test equipment to show chefs on site how easily the app works. The bottom line: Gunterswiler was not only able to get most of her customers excited about Gunti, but also gained some new customers.

The application is simple

Another important advantage of the app: sources of error have been massively reduced, so that there are hardly any complaints about orders. This saves time and nerves. In general, Gunti takes less time, but orders can be processed directly. “And because everything is so simple and clear, meaning that special promotions and displays of our entire product range appear directly on Gunti, customers simply order more,” explains Michael Scheidegger, eBusiness Project Manager at Gunterswiler AG. Today, a good year after the app was launched, just as many orders are received via app as by phone, namely around 40 percent, and the trend is rising.

Gunterswiler AG is already thinking about expanding the app. Some customers would like to see stock levels displayed. Technological development does not stand still – not even in the catering industry.


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