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National Industry Day 2019

What to do if Microsoft no longer supports MDE scanner software from 2020? Urs Marti from ieffects ag has the solution. The CEO of the Zurich-based eCommerce app company literally pulled it out of his pocket during his presentation at the National Industry Day organized by Swissavant – Wirtschaftsverband Handwerk und Haushalt on April 1 in Zurich: he had the test version of the nexMart scanner app on his smartphone.

This app had been developed by ieffects for nexMart. nexMart Schweiz AG is an e-business service provider in the hardware, crafts and household sectors. The participants of the industry day, specialist dealers and suppliers and predominantly members of Swissavant, were completely enthusiastic about the nexMart scanner app. They were able to personally convince themselves of the user-friendly handling: Simply scan the item with a standard scanner or even the smartphone and then order either immediately or later, because the app is completely offline-capable. It is exceptionally fast and always at hand, no matter where you are. It also eliminates the need to invest in costly specialized scanners and their maintenance costs. Thus, in the end, the participants were unanimous: as members of Swissavant, they would like to see a common industry solution. Future-oriented, further expandable and integrated into existing systems and infrastructures as an omni-channel solution.

nexMart scanner app is leading the way.

“The scanner app is a forward-looking app that makes everyday work much easier and can thus give our members a significant competitive advantage,” concluded Andreas Müller, President of Swissavant, which sees itself as an innovative industry association and focuses on modern solutions for its more than 1,000 members. For example, with ieffects’ nexMart app, Swissavant can offer dealers and suppliers a professional connection solution when the mobile data capture devices, or MDE devices for short, also offered by nexMart, are no longer supported by Microsoft software from 2020.


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