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DigitalDrink in pocket format.

At the SwissDrink General Assembly on April 10, 2019 in Pfäffikon SZ, participants welcomed the demo app that Zurich-based eCommerce app specialist – ieffects ag – had developed as a prototype and showed at the event. SwissDrink unites 63 independent specialist retailers who supply over 7000 catering establishments in German and Italian-speaking Switzerland.

“Our app welds the entire beverage industry, which already has a strong, multifunctional portal with DigitalDrink, even closer together. Because everything becomes more mobile, more flexible, faster, simply more handy,” explains Urs Marti from ieffects ag and adds: “Even the integration of augmented reality would be conceivable. The app offers so-called augmented reality, which is the visual representation of information. For the DigitalDrink app, this means that each beverage bottle is recognized and appears in the user’s shopping cart with information on price and minimum order quantity.

The “new app” revolutionizes the shopping experience for beverage wholesalers and restaurateurs

The app is super fast. ieffects is convinced that speed is crucial for the success of an app, along with a user-friendly design. The scanning function provides a handy solution for warehouse management, for example, to scan carts and pallets, while guaranteeing direct digital processing. The app can be installed and reliably used both on your personal smartphone and on slightly more expensive specialized scanners.

In general, the app has a business-boosting effect. Finally, it makes shopping possible at any time and from any place. If you do find yourself without a network, you can use the app to prepare your shopping, as it is fully offline-capable. And those who use the app first and then want to continue ordering on the PC simply use the Windows client that goes with the DigitalDrink app. The great customer benefit of ieffects: an incredibly fast synchronization on all devices is guaranteed.


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