Insights into the world of hospitality and gastronomy at the Igeho

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This week, ieffects participated in the Igeho fair in Basel, one of the most significant international platforms for hospitality, gastronomy, take-away, and care. The fair offered a unique opportunity to engage with customers from the fresh produce trade and IT partners, and to explore the latest trends and developments in the industry.

Urs Marti, Managing Director at ieffects, has captured his thoughts and impressions of the fair in a new Urs Cast video. In front of the camera, he expresses his experiences and provides original insights into the event, which is of great importance for ieffects and their customers.

Connection to customers and partners
A highlight of the fair was the opportunity to meet with existing customers and IT partners and exchange views on their experiences and needs. These conversations are essential for ieffects to continuously improve their products and meet customer requirements.

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ieffects at the Igeho


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