The future of computing: USB-C for the iPhone?

A year ago, I asked the question: Will Apple take another step in the direction of “mobile replaces desktop” on September 7 with the iPhone Pro? Today, a year later, another Apple keynote is coming up, and I find it exciting to revisit this topic.

When I honestly analyze my own computing behavior, I have to admit that a lot has changed since last year. Many tasks that once required the desktop I now do easily on mobile. The smartphone is increasingly becoming a mini-computer that accompanies us everywhere.

I see the smartphone as a future computer that not only enables mobile apps, but also offers the possibility of connecting displays and other devices. Will Apple “surprise” us today with a USB-C connectivity solution and take another step towards a unified mobile and desktop experience?

At ieffects, we’re excited about tonight. We have been working intensively on this topic for the last few years and of course we see a lot of mobile possibilities.

What do you think? What are your expectations for this year’s keynote? I look forward to your feedback.

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