What does mobile-first mean for wholesale eCommerce solutions?

From our experience in eCommerce projects, we often see agencies promising clients so-called mobile-first approaches. In implementation, this then becomes a responsive webshop with often lazy compromises. In our view, this is not very innovative.

The company ieffects ag in Zurich, develops mobile apps. For us, mobile-first means app-first. In the app, not only the sales channel is mapped, but the interaction with your company as a whole.

To start “mobile” when developing an eCommerce solution is to start “mobile” thinking. This means the eCommerce solution will not only look different in the end, but will also affect the design of the web store. This makes the overall result more rounded and leads to a strengthening of your brand through customer loyalty.

This makes the overall result more rounded and leads to a strengthening of your brand through customer loyalty. The next step in the evolution of eCommerce will be “mobile” in the sense of an app solution. The simple reason: Smartphones are widespread, always with you, and the devices offer enough performance to soon be able to use them as desktop replacements on a large display.

Craftsmen are a typical target group, often working on the move and sometimes at a desk. This is exactly what we have been developing dedicated solutions for wholesalers for years. This involves much more than orders. Virtually all daily tasks on a construction site, such as requests for quotations, call-offs, shipping notifications, incoming goods inspections, complaints and returns can be efficiently triggered on the move.

The apps from ieffects are loved by users. For some of our wholesaler customers, one in three orders already comes in via an eCommerce app – and the trend is rising. We expect equilibrium in 2025 – from then on, apps will definitely become the most important channel.

What eCommerce strategy are you pursuing in your retail company?

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