Headless eCommerce – what are the advantages?

Customers are interacting with their wholesaler through more and more channels. This presents them with new and sometimes complex problems. If a separate process logic is programmed for each channel, maintenance costs increase and further developments become practically impossible. An elegant solution here is to switch to a headless eCommerce architecture.

My company, ieffects ag, recommends a system architecture in the sense of headless eCommerce to our customers. The requirement for web stores and mobile apps is their easy maintainability as well as expandability for further applications in the future. Especially when switching to a new ERP, this important decision is at hand. And it is precisely such a moment that allows us to think freshly once again and realign our own eCommerce for the next 10 years.

Another aspect is the maintenance of only one process logic. In the headless eCommerce approach, processes are mapped only once. This means that if a process changes, it is adjusted centrally at one point in the system. For such projects, however, this means that a high level of competence is required from the respective software partners. Furthermore, when choosing partners, it is wise to make sure that they bring “modern” and, above all, “mobile” thinking.

In projects with our customers, it is exciting precisely when these aspects are the focus and we, as a mobile app manufacturer, are involved in such a project conceptually from the very beginning. After all, if you want to graft on some form of headless eCommerce after the fact, it’s not going to be a pleasant thing. In the end, it gives neither the customer nor the wholesaler, let alone the IT manager, much pleasure – and fun should always be a main component of an eCommerce project, so to speak.

I’m interested to know what your experience has been in headless eCommerce projects?

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