How digitalized is your business?

More than 10 years ago, we digitized the product catalog of a wholesaler. Over 900 grams of paper were replaced in the process with a mobile app. Advantage: the electronic catalog was thus always on man. Our aim was not to replace the catalog 1:1, but to use this development in the sense of an improvement for the customer.

Every change is an opportunity. It’s just that people rarely like change. Except when the change brings decisive advantages. Our philosophy is to understand wholesale companies and their buyers. To do this, we get very close to the business in question, hold discussions or look at the processes directly on site. Many things that have established themselves as a good in the physical world can be solved much better in the digital world and simplified for the user.

This was also the case with the over 1000-page product catalog – the products were accessed very quickly via the app using a high-performance search and filter options. We used the available power of the cell phone – yes, this power is enormous nowadays and is easily enough for e.g. 3D renderings or augmented reality.

We are currently working on a project in which the delivery bills on the construction site are being completely digitized. Again, it’s a big opportunity to improve the whole user experience. After all, it goes far beyond the individual delivery bill. Thus, we will also integrate incoming goods inspection in this step, as products are also delivered here – simply in the opposite direction. What counts in the end is good interaction between all disciplines such as the ordering process, returns, incoming goods and invoice control. If these processes play well together, this will lead to a noticeably better solution overall.

The fact that we are always able to implement such exciting projects together with customers fills us with great pride and joy. It just feels good to walk such sophisticated paths and do the right things.

Which step of the digital phase is your company currently in?

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