How to reach the young generation?

When I travel by bus in the morning, I always notice the following: most people are busy with their smartphones. And I include myself in that as well. Except when, for once, like today, I watch people on their smartphones. And here’s what strikes me:

The young generation in particular communicates a lot and often via mobile apps. Even when young people exchange ideas together, the smartphone is often an included part of the conversation. That is, people talk to each other while conducting the other part of the conversation with the smartphone. Or you can show something interesting on an app and exchange ideas verbally at the same time. Why is that so? I think there are several answers to that.

For one thing, this generation has grown up digitally. In other words, touchscreens have always been part of their lives and are a matter of course for these people. They can’t really imagine life without a touchscreen. Just as we cannot imagine life, for example, without another technical invention of the twentieth century.

On the other hand, the experience this generation has had with mobile applications is excellent and characterized by intuitive, exciting-looking apps. There is an expectation that companies have a good app.

Young generation demand intuitive, native app experiences.

This leads me to my conclusion: in terms of our business and our customers’ business, this young target group is important for upcoming innovations. For the foreseeable future, the younger generation will be the decision-makers when it comes to where and how to shop. Companies will then no longer be selected primarily on the basis of classic features, but whether they offer a good, intuitive and native app experience digitally. Does the digital channel bring real added value? And can you find the company in the well-known app stores?

For us as ieffects, the future goes mobile. We are investing in mobile technology so that we can continue to develop first-class app solutions for our wholesale companies – which in turn will be appreciated by the younger generation. The best place to do this is exactly where it makes sense: on the bus, for example.

How do you continue to develop your business in relation to the next generation?

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Young generation as relevant decision-makers in the future.

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