Sonepar’s digital delivery and goods control is now completely paperless.

Now the delivery bill is becoming even more paperless: Delivered products can now be checked quickly and easily in Sonepar’s Swiss app. Feedback can be attached to the items and returns can be registered directly. With this comprehensive new feature, customers benefit from even greater transparency and efficient day-to-day processing.

The moment has come: With this function, the delivery bill in paper form is now completely superfluous. What has always been done with a pen and paper or with misappropriated PDF functions can now be handled with just a few clicks in the Sonepar app. Under “Goods Control”, electricians check the delivered products simply by tapping on their smartphones. Transparency is important to Sonepar; everyone involved is always up to date, whether on the go in the app or at their desk on the computer.

The new feature represents the next step in the evolution of how Sonepar wants to work with its customers. For the customer, Sonepar is not just a supplier, but a partner that supports them in their processes and everyday business. With this step, Sonepar customers now have a platform where all data on deliveries and feedback is available at any time.

How to capture feedback.

Inconsistencies may sporadically occur in deliveries. If an electrician notices a problem during delivery (e.g. too much / too little delivered, product defective, product unloaded in the wrong place), they can report this directly to Sonepar via the app. In this way, all the necessary information is passed on to the responsible internal sales department, which can then report back even more quickly and accurately. If the customer already notices during the inspection that certain items need to be returned, these are taken directly to the RMA registration.

Not only efficient and, but also sustainable.

The new functions in the Sonepar app also make an important contribution to sustainability. Philipp Guidetti, Head of Digital Business Development at Sonepar in Switzerland, knows: “In discussions with our customers, we have noticed time and again that actually every customer wants to behave sustainably. However, the top priority has always been efficient work processes, which is completely understandable. That’s why it was important for us to create real added value for customers with this new feature and at the same time lower the hurdle for sustainable and thus digital action.”

Now that the paper delivery bill has become obsolete, Sonepar, together with its customers, can make an important contribution to sustainability and further reduce its ecological footprint.

Successful implementation.

The project was carried out in close cooperation with the digital team of Sonepar Suisse, the web agency Valantic and ieffects. Strong emphasis was placed on the fact that the digital solution of goods control brings additional benefits for the customer. With prototypes and good UX design, the solution could be visualized and tested early on. This led to good decisions in the development, which will eventually lead to ease of use and a novel experience in the inspection of goods.

First customer feedback, on the new function:

With the new digital goods inspection, Sonepar is taking a further step towards completely digitalized reporting and ordering. In addition to the ecological approach and the reduced paper consumption, we also hope that the new feature will bring major advantages and simplify the entire material handling of an order. From apprentice to project manager, different employees involved in the project can now independently track, control and edit the order flow. We hope that this will reduce the time required for these ancillary tasks to a minimum, allowing us to focus more on our core tasks.

– Florian Stähelin, Managing Director Elektro Schmidli GmbH

What do craftsmen say about the Sonepar mobile app?

In Stores.

The Sonepar app can be downloaded and installed for Apple iOS or Android smartphones or tablets in the stores.


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