The app as the only point of contact with the customer?

I am convinced that apps on cell phones will become the most important point of contact with the customer. My company ieffects started with mobile solutions more than 10 years ago. At that time, the mobile market was still a niche. Today, this is quite different.

Craftsmen on construction sites, for example, use our app solutions intensively and appreciate the location-independent use. The applications here go far beyond ordinary ordering. The full range of services offered by a wholesaler are covered with a well-designed app solution. In addition to the normal ordering function, delivery, returns process, incoming goods inspection, invoicing and much more are offered as digital services. The transparency, flexibility and speed offer the user decisive advantages.

On the other hand, as a retail entrepreneur, you position yourself as digitally competent and are thus future-oriented. Furthermore, you can expand your brand on this channel and make it visible and tangible. Quality and reliability often play an equally decisive role.

ieffects invests in mobile touchpoints

That’s why we invest in real and native solutions here at ieffects. Our claim is that our retail customers can provide for the best mobile solutions of their customer base – no matter whether the users work with an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. After all, if the app becomes the only point of contact with customers, then it should meet the highest standards – in other words, the craftsmen on the construction site will simply love it.

What is your experience with mobile apps as a point of contact with customers?

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