Transformers: Apps as a key to the next generation.

Developing a new webshop can often lack vision. In the past 20 years, several generations of webshops have been passed through, and it’s likely that development has reached its limit. If you can make the customer’s life easier, they will quickly adapt, and the innovation will pay off, possibly leading to added value in terms of customer loyalty.

Finding the right path for the company’s digital future can be a challenge. There is no “right” path per se, and most of the time, several paths can lead to the future, making it unclear which path is the most purposeful. As a mobile app manufacturer, we believe that the future will be mobile, specifically through real, native apps. This transformation towards apps offers new and exciting opportunities.

Transformation is a process of change, and change can often be perceived as a problem. In the well-known book “Leading Change” by John P. Kotter, it is shown that changes are primarily implemented successfully when determined management with a strong and meaningful vision leads the way. In addition, a successful digital transformation primarily requires one thing: sustainable motivation. Our experience shows that our apps lead to exactly this motivation, since they function intuitively and quickly for the user and are fun to use. The motivation flows from the management to the employees to the customers.

Employees find it motivating when they can experience new successes with customers. If the solution differentiates itself and stands out from the competition, then everyone wins. Through this diversity, the company gains new strength and courage and is ready for further innovative steps.

Our mobile apps are a means of mobile interaction, and this is the key to the next generation. We aim to simplify the lives of app users, and it’s precisely the next generation that’s driving innovation in this respect.

How far along is your company in the digital transformation process?

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